Enhance Your Yahoo Store!

Below you will find our Yahoo Store Feature List. This is a full list of RTML features that C Dev offers for Yahoo Merchant Solutions stores. We have found it is best to list all the various RTML upgrades separate of the bundled packages. The following RTML feature list can take your default Yahoo store to a whole new level!

Yahoo Store Merchant Solutions Store

Full RTML Feature List

Custom Design Features for Yahoo Stores

Checkout Manager Integration$450
Convert Photoshop (PSD) Files to RTML$1500/Up
Site Design$650

Site and Category Features for Yahoo Stores

Shipping Pop-Up$275
Multiple Add To Cart$425
100% Screen Width Add$375
Free Shipping Countdown$425
Add To Cart/Section Page$325
Install Yahoo Site Search$225

Product Page Features for Yahoo Stores

Larger Image Preview/Layer$325
Larger Image "Click To Enlarge"$175
Multiple Images for Options$375
Multiple Images "Roll Over"$525
Multiple Images with "Click To Enlarge"$450
Customize Order Table$250
Product Tabs$385
Auto Update Pricing$380
Minimum Quantity Enforce$375
Emphasis Graphics/Category Page$375
Quantity Pricing Display$385
Customize "Add To Cart" Button$175
MAP Pricing$550
Alternate Input Selections$325

Feature Enhancements for Yahoo Stores

Responsive Design$1500/Up
Custom Yahoo Mobile Templates$2200/Up
Install New Site Search$175
Install Image Gallery$875
Basic WP Blog Customization$475
Advanced WP Blog Customization$1500/Up
Wholesale Pricing Options$799/Up
Copy Entire Store$550

SEO for Yahoo Stores

ALT Tags on Product Images$100
Convert Names/Titles to Text$150
Customer/Google Friendly Site Map$450
Convert Links to Absolute URL$450
SEO Supercharge WP Blog$450

Marketing Features for Yahoo Stores

Install Customer Registration$175
Install & Customize Customer Registration$425
Install Floating Cart$225
Customer Product Reviews with Admin$925
Auto-generate "On Sale" Page$725
Front Page New Arrivals/Top Sellers$275
Randomly Displayed Best Sellers$475
Randomly Displayed Customer Testimonials$475
Related Items on Product Page$225
"You Save" Display$200
Cross-Sell Integration$375

Navigation Features for Yahoo Stores

Bread Crumb Trails$250
Page Pagination$475
Lazy Loading$575
Cascading Menus$585
Item Level Pagination$400
Multiple Breadcrumbs$275
Recently Viewed Items$425

Customer Service Features for Yahoo Stores

Newsletter Sign Up Integration$275/Up
Dynamic Contact Us Form$250

Branding for Yahoo Stores

Logo Design$325/Up
Customize Notifications$325/Up
Brochure Design Services$400/Up
Email Template Design$600/Up

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    Yahoo Store RTML Feature List