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WordPress Website Development

C Dev Web Design actively works with the WordPress platform. We design and develop both custom and theme-based WordPress websites. Our WordPress websites are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective. WordPress is a great platform for our “do it yourself” clients. 

WordPress offers a vast array of scalable functionality via the use of plugins. The selection of both free and paid plugins make this platform a client favorite. 

WordPress Site Development

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Why WordPress?

The perfect solution

For a wide range of businesses 

The ease and simplicity of the CMS (Content Management System) gives site owners the ability to update and create new pages with relative ease as compared to other more complicated website platforms. WordPress offers client’s literally thousands of different types of plugins to improve a website’s functionality. With such a wide array of additional features and design option, WordPress is a highly scalable platform. Your website can grow with you as your business evolves.

There are many development companies to choose from. C Dev offers high-quality functional designs at a very competitive price. Additionally, clients come first. Our position is that a client must be satisfied, both with timely project completion and with the pricing to implement what you, the client wants.

WordPress Websiten Design

WordPress is Popular!

Around 30% off all websites on the internet use WordPress. That’s a big number! With that kind of market exposure, you know they must be doing something right. There’s a reason why our clients are happy with the platform. It offers tremendous flexibility and is friendly to your bottom line. 

WordPress has plugins!

WordPress has all sorts of plugins. You’ll find many of the plugins are free! Pretty much any type of functionality that you’ll want to add to your website can be found from the plugin library. Even better – if the function doesn’t exist, there’s a good chance we can create it from scratch.

WordPress offers tremendous value!

WordPress is an open-source platform and is 100% free! There are no yearly fees to use WordPress. You will be responsible for yearly hosting, which is quite affordable. You’ll also of course need a domain name. There again, that’s not expensive on an annual basis. We’ll then design either a fully custom or modified-theme website to reflect your branding and business models.

WordPress connects a huge number of third-party tools

From payment gateways to mail services, from Quickbooks to subscription services WordPress integrates with many third-party websites and services. 

WordPress is continually reinventing itself to becoming more user friendly

WordPress isn’t resting on its laurels. The competitive market is ever expanding and in order to remain at the top of the food chain, WordPress is always pushing new development initiatives. You can be assured that you’re getting a platform that is forward thinking. 

WordPress is solid for SEO!

As any of our clients can attest to, SEO plays a huge factor in the ultimate success of your website. The good news is that WordPress has always leaned towards effective search engine features and plugins. Customers can find state-of-the-art technology via the plugin library that can help with everything from schema to enhanced meta-data.