Store Migration to Shopify

Store Migration to Shopify

We are happy to announce a recent successful store migration to Shopify. The migration was performed for our longtime client, STL Ocarina provides high quality instruments to both novice and experienced musicians. The company is run by a group of professional musicians. We have worked with store migration to shopifySTL for a number of years. Our work with STL has primarily consisted of website development. We have created and redesigned multiple eCommerce stores on both the Shopify and Yahoo Merchant Solutions platforms. We’ve have also created an informational website for their non-profit, The Evergreen Music Foundation

Our most recent collaborative project with STL Ocarina was to migrate their website from the Yahoo platform to Shopify. For many years STL utilized Yahoo’s Merchant Solutions platform for their eCommerce solution. Recently they made the decision to move the store over to Shopify. They felt the Shopify platform would ultimately provide more enhanced capabilities and functionalities. A few of the added feature enhancements found on Shopify are:

  • A superior inventory management system
  • Easy navigational updates
  • Thousands of Apps for scalability
  • Easy to integrate/maintain a blog
  • Hundreds of professionally designed themes

Store migrations can be a complex process. In this case, the client wanted an exact visual replica of their Yahoo store built on Shopify. The first step was to properly change the website’s CSS/HTML and its relationships to the platform coding language. This required changing from Yahoo’s propriety coding language RTML, to Shopify’s language, Liquid. Not only was the new site to be visually consistent with the old site, feature replication was also paramount. This meant each function present on the old site, needed a matching operation in Shopify. Our team did a great job of mirroring the original website’s functionality. 

An additional challenge we faced, the website had over 120,000 orders/customers to be moved! However, in a little over 2 months, the entire process was complete. Most noteworthy… this all took place right before the holiday season. Best of all – they did not experience any disruptions to their daily order totals. 

Dennis Yeh, one of the owners of STL had this to say about the experience:

“Once we switched, we experienced a number of benefits. Shopify has a superior inventory system, more features, and better tools to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. Shopify also has several tiers of product and store management – this allows for collaborative management among different members of our company. We have access to an ever-growing number of applications and features that we can use to increase our website’s efficiency and effectiveness, and in general, to run our online store more effectively and with much less stress!

Our transition experience was fantastic. C Dev Web Design kept us updated during the entire process. They kept us informed of each addition or edit and guided us through the process so that in the future, we would be able to add and enhance existing website features ourselves. C Dev was prompt to respond to any query, and we would recommend working with them to anyone who wishes to make the switch to Shopify.”

C Dev Strives to Exceed Expectations

Brent Carey, the owner of C Dev Web Design had this to say about the Shopify store migration:

“STL is one of our most valued clients. We’ve worked with Dennis and his staff for many years. We were excited to complete this most recent store migration for STL in an efficient and timely manner. It was personally and professionally a great accomplishment.”

Here at C Dev, we are continually striving to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Every project and every client is unique and that’s what we love most about what we do. We see every relationship as a special opportunity to provide our clients with expertise and value. If you’re interested in working with C Dev on a store migration to Shopify, or any other web development project, you can reach us M-F at 800-508-9896 or you can contact us online here.