Shopify Store Launched – Original Sprout

Shopify Store Launched – Original Sprout

We’re very happy to announce a new Shopify store we launched this past January for Original Sprout. Original Sprout is a manufacturer of safe, natural and effective hair and skin products. Since 2003 they have been providing consumers with shampoos, conditioners, styling and body care products. Fast forward to 2018 and Original Sprout was looking to refresh their digital presence. They had a few critical needs at the top of their list:

  • Migrate to a cutting edge eCommerce platform
  • Ability to update the site internally
  • Website needed to sync with Quickbooks Desktop application
  • Site should better convey Original Sprout lifestyle and vibe
  • Fresh, clean look which would be mobile friendly

Original Sprout was originally on the Drupal Commerce platform. The Drupal website was utilized for several years, but ultimately they found the platform too overly complex to manage internally. A search was started to find a platform that would be scalable with their growing online presence, while at the same time not being overly expensive to implement.

Our immediate suggestion was Shopify as we’ve been using the platform for several years and believe it to be the leading eCommerce solution available today. Shopify is a great “out-of-the-box” hosted solution that provides merchants with a wide range of applications. The sheer number of additional apps means the platform is highly scalable.  At the same time, the well-designed backend UI delivers intuitive self-management.

Original Drupal Site Vs New Shopify Site

A picture says a thousand words. The transformation from an older, antiquated site to a new robust version was seamless. A few ideas to keep in mind while looking at the “before” images:

  • Limited screen coverage
  • Old blog page had content that continued to run down the page with no easy to define beginning or ending
  • Disjointed product page ordering table. No “larger image preview” available
  • Social media engagement limited
  • “Sprout Cash” was not utilized to its full potential
  • The site colors did not match the branding

Below are a few screenshots of how the site looked before the redesign and migration to the Shopify platform.

The same pages displayed above, post-redesign, for comparison. A few thoughts to keep in mind while viewing the new pages:

  • Lot’s of open space and clean lines
  • Instagram has a prominent placement on the homepage
  • The new banners are large and inviting, conveying lifestyle
  • The product page has multiple product images and cross-sell
  • There is now a paginated, organized and clean blog

We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with Original Sprout. It’s always a great feeling to take an old, antiquated site and transform it into a nice looking, usable new store.

What Can C Dev do for you?

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