Food Consulting Business Web Design

Food Consulting Business Web Design

Food Consulting WebsiteFood Business Consultants (FBC) new website design was created by C Dev Web Design. FBC’s previous website was very graphic heavy with little in the way of brand identity or textual content that would be attractive to search engines. FBC hired C Dev Web Design to create a modern, sleek design which accurately displayed the company’s branding. FBC also wanted a website that could be designed within budget. Furthermore, they wanted a website that allowed them to make basic site updates on their own.

WordPress was the platform was selected. We came to this decision for many reasons. WordPress is a fantastic CMS. WordPress also is highly scalable. There are literally thousands of plugins, many of them free. The plugins allow for a wide range of functionality. WordPress also offers clients the ability to make simple site updates on their own. For many small businesses, they do not have the resources to continually have a design agency make updates for them. Instead, they prefer the ability to make updates on their own. WordPress is great in this department.

We used to host this website. We selected Site Ground as the host as they are a premier WordPress host provider. Their customer service is fantastic. We have many clients using their services. Every client has had an excellent experience.

If you are in the natural foods industry, C Dev Web Design can design or redesign your website. We have years of experience with branding and marketing in the natural food industry and can turn that expertise into a great looking website at a fraction of the cost of what a large agency charges. C Dev provides a range of web development services from social media management  to app creation. You can contact online here, or at 800-508-9896.

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